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  • We're trying to improve and update this website as we go. If you have any questions, suggestions or notice any website issues, please reach us at team@hireforukraine.org.

  • Is this service free?

    Hire for Ukraine is completely free for all parties:

    • Professionals listing their profiles
    • Recruiters and hiring teams

    Our only objective is to help Ukrainian professionals find new quality work as soon as possible.

  • How can I help if I’m not hiring?

    First of all, thank you! Please share this resource with affected Ukrainians who are seeking work. You can also share it with managers and recruiters at other companies. Or simply post it on social media.

  • Is this for freelance projects or full-time employment?

    We support all scenarios. If you’re submitting a talent profile, indicate all options that you’re ready to consider. If you’re hiring, you can filter the list by your preferred type of engagement.

  • Why don't you list interested employers or job vacancies?

    Our priority is to reduce the burden on affected people. We believe hiring managers and recruiters should proactively seek out relevant professionals. We may add this capability later if it appears useful.

  • Why is the website in English?

    We'll add support of other languages as soon as we can.

  • Are people ready to work at this distressing time?

    We started this project because we received many requests for this kind of job board from our Ukrainian friends who lost work and income. Many of these people managed to evacuate to other countries (total number of refugees approaches 1 million as we write this), some stayed in safer parts of Ukraine. With that said, as people here are going through what is likely the most trying times of their lives, we hope that hiring teams will offer them as much flexibility and support as they can. While this project is not only focused on long-term commitments, we hope that some relationships started here will flourish past these dark times and into the bright future of Ukraine and its people.

  • Wouldn't this stimulate an outflow of Ukrainian talent from the country?

    Our sole goal is to help people find urgently needed income that they lost overnight, and help them get through this dark time. We hope that after the war is over people will be able to safely go back to Ukraine and rebuild their country, hopefully with the help of new connections that they make through these work opportunities. Additionally, the vast majority of professionals who created their profiles here listed Ukraine as their current location.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Please email us at team@hireforukraine.org and we will delete your account along with any associated data within 7 calendar days.

For questions, suggestions and help
please email us at team@hireforukraine.org
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