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Helpful Employment Resources for Ukrainian Refugees

  • Jobs for Ukraine

    https://jobsforukraine.net/ A large board with academic, scientific, arts, professional and freelance opportunities that are currently available for people fleeing war.

  • Better Community for Ukrainian Creatives

    https://community.bettter.us/ Community that supports Ukrainian creatives and art workers affected by the Russian war in Ukraine. Created by former Fashion Director of Vogue Ukraine.

  • Fuzzboard

    http://fuzzboard.com/ukraine European tech job board for Ukrainian refugees.

  • RemoteUkraine

    https://remoteukraine.org/ Similar project for remote work opportunities.

  • UAtalents

    https://www.uatalents.com/ Similar project for job search in European Union.

  • Product Design & Management Roles with Relocation

    https://bit.ly/3MjxSnP Job board of product design and product management roles that offer relocation.

  • Hire Developers from Ukraine

    https://vanhack.com/ukraine A website similar to this one that supports job search for tech talent from Ukraine.

  • CreativeShelter: Work Opportunities for Creative Industry Professionals from War Zones

    https://www.creativeshelter.eu/ A group of creative professionals helping find creative work in European countries.

  • Support for Ukrainian Architects and Designers Seeking Employment in Poland

    https://bit.ly/3CAIz17 Support for Ukrainian designers and architects looking for work in Poland.

  • Opportunities for Architects and Creators from Ukraine

    https://bit.ly/371trOh Large database of opportunities for Ukrainian architects, updated daily.

  • Emergency Residencies for Ukrainian Artists and Cultural Workers

    https://bit.ly/36X9DLX A list of emergency residencies and further Resources for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers.

  • Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists

    https://bit.ly/3IIzvZX A list of labs from around the world that support Ukrainian scientists, with contacts and funding information.

  • Workeer: Job Exchange for Job-Seeking Refugees and Interested Employers (German Language Only)

    https://workeer.de/ A platform specifically dedicated for job-seeking refugees and employers to connect. Currently German language only.

  • A Joint Community Effort to Integrate Ukrainians in Iași (Romania)

    https://ukriniasi.ro/ A website that helps Ukrainians find job in the Romanian city of Iași.

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